Being flexible and responding to your needs as a leader is my priority.

VIP 1 on 1 Leadership Coaching

Working together we will unleash your energy and accelerate your full potential.  We will focus on your unique goals.  We will create space for you to grow as a person and a leader, uncovering how you show up “authentically you” in your personal and work life.

Our coaching time is a confidential place to have open and honest discussions.  You can count on me to gently and firmly challenge you as you move towards greater clarity and alignment to your purpose.

As a result, your energy will flow easily and people will follow you – People understand your “Why”.  You will lead with openness, honesty and unwavering confidence and you will inspire others.

This can be YOU!

Areas of focus:

  • Embracing vulnerability
  • Resilience building
  • Busting limiting beliefs
  • Boundary setting
  • Visioning the future
  • Empowering, courageous and caring leadership
  • Management and leadership mentorship

You will have access to various tools that will help with personal and leadership development during our work together.

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Management and leadership mentorship – focusing on 3 aspects: your own personal leadership development (as above); your coaching of your new team and team members; and your contribution at the executive team level.

Embracing vulnerability – openness of heart, mind, soul in an ecological way in order to embrace a whole-hearted life.

Resilience building – improved self-regulation of state with specific tactics to aid in keeping centered and peaceful.

Busting limiting beliefs – creating new and evolved values through specific activities and self-reflection. Coaching in this area is also about values alignment and understanding what is most important to you, how that gets lived day-to-day in your world and how it impacts your leadership.

Boundary setting – owning your personal and professional power and knowing your own limits in order to maintain your resilience and wholeheartedness.

Visioning the future through gathering a greater clarity of life purpose through a wholistic approach.

Empowering, courageous and caring leadership – embracing your power to fully show up in the world as the authentic person and leader you were meant to be.

“Healthcare Leadership demands the ability to be telescopic and microscopic: at 10,000 feet one moment and at 20 microns the next. Similarly, the effective coach will foster both the strategic thinking and the “feelings”/emotions/mindfulness required to succeed in our current healthcare landscape. Gloria excels in this space. Gloria helps you make the connection to both (and the connections to yourself)”

Dr. Kunuk Rhee

Vice President, Clinical for the Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network and Chief of Staff, Cambridge Memorial Hospital

Mindful Self, Teams and Leaders

To live and work as exceptional people starts with investing in and inspiring people. As a leader you create space for those you lead to be the best version of themselves at work and in life.

With an increasing demand on leaders – now more than ever – concrete, simple and effective strategies are needed that allow for staff and leaders to create space to recharge, stay present and show up fully connected to themselves.

Imagine a health care provider or civil servant explain how they embrace their own resiliency practices to help those they are serving.

Through this program, leaders and their teams are introduced to practical applications of mindfulness and are provided with the fundamental tools to respond to stress in a healthy way.

Participants receive an easy online curriculum that will allow individuals to respond to stress better and to work from a place of non-judgement.  The organization and community hardwires self care and mindfulness into their culture.  The goal – greater connection and service to oneself and to those they serve.

“As a newly appointed Executive Director I recognized the value in connecting with a leadership coach who would journey alongside me and facilitate my accelerated growth and development.  Gloria’s coaching focuses on effective ways to communicate your value and contribution to leadership, while allowing you to connect with your true self.  Gloria is thoughtful and intentional in her approach and provides valuable insight- her passion is evident in every session.”

Elisa Brewer

Executive Director , Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council

Experience Optimization – Health and Social Service Consulting Practice

Busting through the complexities of health care and social services to simplify the experience for people is one of my top passions! We have all experienced disconnected and complex helping services and wondered how systems aimed to help and heal could be so difficult to navigate and impersonal.  As a nurse, advocate, leader and system designer, I’ve dedicated years to optimizing the experience of people, providers and community at large.

I’ll work with your organization, senior leaders, boards of directors and community at large to address and bust through limiting beliefs, barriers – real and perceived – that are getting in the way of creating simplified, personalized and welcoming services.

If you wish to simplify your services to respond to what people need and want ….I can help!

Apply for a 60 minute FREE discovery session to review how best to unleash your full potential and that of your team, organization and community.