Following my father’s death December 2nd 2017, at the age of 92, the answers unfolded.  My father died the day after I left my inspired health care leadership career to pursue my purpose based business. Living and leading from a place of alignment to purpose was the key.  His purpose was clear – to spread peace and love to those he met – right until his death surrounded by family who loved and admired him and what he stood for.  He was unapologetically intentional.  He lead his life with tremendous faith and trust having clarity of  purpose. Knowing significant shifts were underway for me, he gave me a card which I opened December 1st 2017 on my last day of work which read, “My challenge is ending, yours is beginning – may God be with us both.  Your friend and father.”  As my family reflected on his intentional word “challenge” it became clear  that living his purpose hadn’t always been easy.  There were many learning’s along the way.  We witnessed a wonderful life lived and his inspiration provided enlightenment as we continue to meet the challenge of making a difference in the world one person at a time.