As your leadership coach, I’m committed to work with you to Live and Lead Courageously YOU…feeling fully alive in the world.

It’s a journey I live, love and learn from every day.

What a journey!

Drawing out the spirit in people has and continues to be my passion.  I couldn’t silence this desire any longer.

My purpose-based business was launched in December 2017 after I made a conscious decision to leave my successful and inspired health care leadership career of 23 years to pursue this purpose. Too much of who I defined myself as was tied up in my career and position title.

Work had taken over too much of my life and I lost touch with my true self.

I was inspired to lead in a more ecological way unleashing human potential in the world – building on my leadership experience.

Working with my own leadership coach I clarified my purpose and aligned my life to this purpose. I now live in a place of heart, mind and soul alignment.

Learn more how this journey unfolded  through the blog posts – “Sierra Leone, Africa” and “Living and Leading Intentionally

Professional Background

My career began as a critical care nurse moving into hospital leadership roles.  This was followed by leading in a provincial medical association influencing health policy and then in a National health care consulting firm supporting organizations in operational and strategic planning.  My leadership lead me back to the Waterloo Wellington area as an executive leader with home and community care and most recently with the Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network overseeing health system and primary health care design and integration. I’ve been inspired by incredibly talented, visionary and passionate providers and leaders who serve patients, families and communities.    They have helped me become who I am today.

This is me…

I believe…

  • In the human spirit, mankind and working towards peace, connectedness and unapologetically sharing love
  • people generally live and work from a place of good intent
  • in staying open and showing up even when you want to hide
  • in bringing hope to people
  • in consciously uncovering your purpose and intentionally aligning your life to this purpose
  • we can learn from those living in vulnerable conditions – their simplicity of life, connectedness to others and resiliency

I feel most alive…

  • In nature
  • creating and inspiring through word
  • connecting and laughing with family and friends
  • helping people, organizations and communities achieve their full potential in the world
  • giving birth to new ideas and concepts
  • putting compassion into action
  • in prayerful reflection
  • hiking
  • exercising
  • eating healthy
  • being silly
  • playing and dancing to music
  • embracing change
  • busting through rules and barriers that get in the way of doing what is right


Drawing out the spirit in people has been and continues to be my passion.